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Fighting Alabama Speeding Tickets

Defense for In-state and Out-of-State Drivers

At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, we handle hundreds of speeding tickets and traffic violations every year for Alabama residents and out-of-state drivers. Our vast experience, familiarity with every court in Alabama, and step-by-step approach may mean the difference between a dismissed ticket and serious consequences.

Hiring an experienced traffic defense lawyer is easy and fast. Call Kreps Law Firm toll-free at 866-347-2889 or e-mail us. Give us your personal information and the details about your speeding ticket. Pay over the phone by debit or credit card. That’s it.

In order to best understand your situation, our speeding defense attorneys or other team members will ask several basic questions when you first call our firm:

  • How fast were you going?
  • What was the posted speed limit?
  • When were you pulled over and ticketed?
  • Were you charged with “regular” speeding, or were you ticketed for speeding 26 miles per hour over the
  • posted limit or excessive speed?

  • Do you live in Alabama or do you live in another state?
  • Do you have a commercial driver’s license?
  • What are your goals for your case?

Once we have this information and you hire us, we get to work immediately. We contact the court to file a notice that you have hired us to defend you and fight the speeding ticket. Some people don’t understand that paying a speeding ticket means pleading guilty. In addition to having to pay the high fine and costs, you will also have points added to your driving record. Your insurance rates may increase for three years.

In order to avoid these consequences, we aggressively fight the traffic ticket on your behalf. We can help you avoid having to appear in court. Our goal is to get the speeding ticket dismissed, reduce the speeding charge against you, reduce the number of points added to your record, or further minimize the penalties against you.

Toll-free: 866-347-2889

We receive calls every week from out-of-state people who paid an Alabama traffic ticket only to find out later that their state will suspend their driver’s license due to points or the speed or type of ticket.

If you were caught speeding in Alabama, do not enter a guilty plea and pay the ticket without a fight. Contact our firm today to talk to an experienced speeding ticket defense lawyer. We provide you with the personalized service and skill that may result in your speeding ticket being dismissed or reduced.