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Helping Drivers Avoid Going to Court

Serving Alabama Residents and Out-of-State Drivers

At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, we understand that your life is busy and that court appearances can be intimidating and time-consuming. Our handling of traffic violations, speeding tickets, and moving violations is so streamlined that, in many cases, we can help our clients avoid a court appearance altogether. Our skill is especially helpful for individuals who live in another state and commercial truck drivers who are based outside of Alabama.

If you received any sort of citation or ticket for a traffic violation and have received a summons to appear for a court hearing anywhere in Alabama, contact our law firm in Birmingham or call us toll-free at 866-347-2889. We handle traffic cases statewide

Skilled Negotiation Provided By Phone

Even if you received a summons with your traffic ticket, we may be able to handle your case completely over the phone — often negotiating with prosecutors by phone so you do not have to appear for a court hearing. It’s important to note that, if the court hearing date has passed, you will be charged with failure to appear, a separate violation of law. Call us today!

A simple phone call secures traffic ticket defense. Call us toll-free at 866-347-2889 or e-mail our firm. We’ll need your personal information and the details about your traffic ticket. You can pay over the phone by debit or credit card. Once hired, we go to work immediately to dismiss or reduce your ticket.

A court appearance, in many traffic ticket cases, is unnecessary. An experienced traffic defense attorney can help ensure that you do not have to appear in court, which may be especially important to you if you live out of state. We have handle hundreds of speeding ticket and traffic violation cases each year over the phone, without our clients ever having to travel to our offices or appear in court. 

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Toll-free: 866-347-2889

We assist Alabama residents and out-of-state individuals and truck drivers who received speeding tickets, reckless driving violations, and other traffic tickets anywhere in Alabama.

For more information about how we can help you avoid a court appearance in Alabama, contact our firm today. Our traffic defense lawyers provide every client with personal service and complete representation for any type of traffic ticket.