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What does it mean to “fight” your City of Mountain Brook, Alabama speeding or traffic ticket?  Does there really have to be a fight or can your City of Mountain Brook, AL traffic or speeding violation case be worked out by agreement in a way that is a win-win for all parties involved – one that you – as the defendant can be pleased with and also one that the prosecutor, the arresting officer and the Judge will approve.  Don’t get me wrong – sometimes case have to be tried and we are ready, willing and able to do so but the bottom line is this – experience tells us the best way to get great results for our clients and that is our number 1 goal in every single case we handle – to work as hard as we can to the best of our ability to get the best result possible for our clients. Please visit our website here or click HERE to learn more about us and the way that we handle cases and the case results and client comments that we have received in handle cases statewide in Alabama in the courts in City of Mountain Brook, Alabama.

What a great injustice I heard the other day while listening to the radio.  A local radio commentator was talking on the air about receiving a traffic citation and went through the process in trying to teach the listeners about a lesson that he learned.  The gist of the story was that he was guilty of the offense and did not know any other way to resolve the citation.  Apparently, based on what I could gather, he just planned to go into court and plead guilty or to pay beforehand.  It seemed that he thought that because he was in violation of the law that his best (and only option) was to pay the ticket and admit guilt without any further action.

When you are charged with a violation in City of Mountain Brook, AL whether a traffic or speeding ticket or other criminal charge, you need an attorney and a law firm working on the case for you that has the experience in handling hundreds of cases.  The misconception described above is one that we hear a lot and one that is felt by most of the general public – “I did what they charged me with and therefore I just need to plead guilty.  My cause is hopeless because I am guilty and no one is going to listen to or care what I have to say.”

This couldn’t be farther from the truth or the best option and I will explain further below what I mean.  When we say that we are going to fight a criminal traffic charge in City of Mountain Brook, Alabama many times laypeople feel like we are going to go in and argue that they are not guilty.  We see pro se defendants (people representing themselves in court) handling cases themselves and completely sabatoging their case and the process and the outcome.  They may in Court or in trial stand up and say I wasn’t going 85 in a 70 I was only going 79 and the judge many times finds them guilty of 79 in a 70 mile-per-hour zone.  The kicker here is that the defendant is still found guilty of violating the law and still suffers a conviction and all the negative issues and problems with insurance and the points.  A common misconception among people charged with traffic violations in Alabama (including City of Mountain Brook)  is that an Alabama conviction will not show up on their home state driving history – in almost all circumstances your City of Mountain Brook, Alabama conviction will eventually appear on your home state MVR or driving history. Many times the defendant has not thought through what they are saying or their actions.  This is why every person charged with a City of Mountain Brook, Alabama traffic violation or speeding ticket needs an attorney to help them.

I received a call this past weekend from an old family friend whose son had gotten into some trouble in another state.  He is an overall good kid but had simply made a mistake and was charged for that violation.  I was not surprised but I could not believe that the approach seemed to be that because he committed the act and was guilty that he doesn’t need an attorney. People charged with an offense need and attorney whether they are guilty or not. My advise to her was and will always be – hire an attorney as soon as possible to work on the case.

The two scenarios described above are different but really they are the same and they both are examples of the overall general misconception of the public that if you are guilty of an offense then you should just plead guilty and go on.  Because of this most people just pay their City of Mountain Brook, Alabama traffic tickets without exploring all of their options.  Generally, the strategy of going into court and arguing “not guilty” for someone charged with doing 60 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone or 87 miles per hour in a 70-mile-per-hour zone is not the best option.  Our goal in every case is to have your City of Mountain Brook, Alabama traffic ticket dismissed or resolved by agreement in a way that keeps it off your record as a conviction.  Visit www. or .

The main misconception among laypeople is that there is nothing that can be done because they may be factually guilty.  You need a law firm working on your case that has experience with all different types of cases and prosecutors and Judges so that we can work with everyone in the criminal justice system to come up with a plan and a process to benefit all parties involved and get you the best result possible.

Rest assured, if your case cannot be resolved by agreement or you want a trial or the case has to be tried then that is sometimes a good option or maybe the only option.  However, you must realize that that is hardly ever the case.  Most criminal traffic charges in Alabama can be resolved by agreement so that the defendant, the prosecutor representing the government agency (city, state, etc.) the Judge, and the governmenall are satisfied with the result and it is a win win for all parties involved.

So, what does this mean for you on your City of Mountain Brook, Alabama traffic violation.  It means that you should not just pay your ticket and go on about your way because that just seems like it is the easy way out on the front end.  It means that our advise is that you should ALWAYS contact a law firm (Call us at (866)-359-0821 to discuss your case) and look at all of your options and then decide what your best route is.

If you have a clean driving record/history and you pay your ticket and that conviction shows up on your Alabama or other state driving record, you will likely be barred from having a charge dismissed or resolved favorably any time in the near future.  Many people don’t understand this concept – if you just plead guilty and pay the fine and the costs even if you are from out of state, it will likely come back to haunt you in the future with insurance rates and lack of ability to resolve cases in the future.

If you’ve been charged with a traffic citation or a violation in the State of Alabama including City of Mountain Brook, AL, call us today at (866)-359-0821 or visit our traffic and speeding ticket defense web site at or .

We live in the greatest country in the world with the greatest system in the world for resolving traffic and criminal offense, although it is not perfect.  Most judges and prosecutors out there are very decent human beings who only want to better society in their role.  What you need is a defense law firm working on your behalf who also takes that mindset and can work with all parties involved to resolve your case in a way that is most beneficial to you but also in a way that enables you to get the most benefit.  We are that law firm and we can help you.